The Wassailers

Nick Caffrey joined the Wassailers in April 1977 initially to fill in for the departing member Ian 'Zeke' Baird. They were the residents of the  Old Blackburnians Folk Club and still had a few months to the end of the season. The change in sound pleased Roger Masters (vocal, guitar) and Phil Heald (vocal, accordion) so much that they asked Nick to stay on for the next folk season to see if the newly formed group would work. It worked so well that they were together for the next 20 years their final concert was at the Old Blackburnians  on 3rd November 1995. The group was later supplemented to include Roy Haslam (Guitar, vocals, harmonica) and Andy McKenna (fiddle Guitar, vocals).     
In April 1978 they produced a LP record for Fellside records (FE 0012). Although further LPs were suggested they never actually got around to committing themselves.


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